Amplify Fitness Newcastle Sports Therapy Clinic

At Amplify Fitness Newcastle we have developed a network of sports science and sports therapy experts all of whom have a wealth of experience of managing the unique demands of fitness fanatics. Our services include, Biomechanical Assessment, Physiotherapy, Sports Podiatry and Sports Massage all of which are delivered by experienced professionals who share our passion for fitness.

Sports Physiotherapy

£45 / new injury assessment
£35 / follow up session

Sports Podiatry

From: £60 / Biomechanical Assessment + Orthotic

Sports Massage Therapy

£20 / 30 minute session
£35 / 60 minute session

Our physiotherapists are renowned in the north east running community for their expert treatment and rehabilitation of running injuries. They are able to meet the unique challenges posed due to their knowledge acquired from their experiences working with runners.
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Our podiatrists are specialists in musculoskeletal injuries and through skilled biomechanical assessment are able to identify potential weakness in muscles and joints. We utilise state of the art pressure plate technology alongside traditional expert manual tests.
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Our Sports Massage Therapists have a wealth of experience delivering treatment specifically to runners. The purpose of Sports Massage is to relieve muscle tightness and improve muscle flexibility in order to prepare you for peak performance.
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Do you want to join our growing team at Amplify Fitness?

We are always looking to expand our network of like minded professionals who can add expertise to services Amplify Fitness provide. If you would be interested in working with us and have a strong passion for fitness then please contact us and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.
Chris, Alex & Rich

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