Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotics

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We perform Biomechanical Assessments to find out why and how your particular problem has occurred. Identifying whether your problem is related to your feet, knee or back is fundamental to treating it effectively. Our MSK Podiatrist is able to provide you with a correct diagnoses and treatment plan. We utilise sophisticated foot pressure plate scanning alongside manual assessment for our Biomechanical Assessments. The information and data produced by the assessments is then interpreted by our MSK Podiatrist to provide you with a correct diagnoses. At this point a specifically designed treatment plan is provided which will enhance your recovery and further prevent your condition returning.

Slight mis-alignment of the feet can cause painful feet, knees and lower back. By assessing your walking and posture it is possible to give you advice and treatment to reduce your symptoms and help prevent further problems arising. From day to day fashion and city footwear to any type of sports shoe, out modular, total contact, custom moulded orthotics will relieve painful foot conditions as well as reducing injuries and enhancing rehabilitation.

What are Orthotics ?
Orthotics are devices worn inside shoes to aid the foots ability to function efficiently and provide support and lessen the burden on structures within the foot with the aim of preventing or treating injury. Orthotics can be transferred from shoe to shoe with ease and are generally light and easily accommodated in many types of shoes.

Our Custom Made Orthotics are designed using state of the art equipment using materials developed by industry experts and leading sports scientists. Our in-house Orthotics Lab enables us to fit you with a custom made orthotic during your treatment session.

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