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Our Classes Membership run on a monthly subscription bases, the membership gives clients the option to train on pre-booked courses in a small group of no more than 10. All sessions are lead by experience, qualified instructors and will last roughly 40 minutes. Coaches are always on hand to give support and advice whenever possible to ensure optimum results.

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Clients have a choice of any class, however we will advise on which combination of classes best suit, in order to reach the goals set in the consultation.


Looking to build and sculpt your legs and glutes? this could be the class for you!
This class provides an intense workout specifically targeting these areas with the use of resistance bands and free weights.

Exercises performed for 20s with 10s rest. A great form of HIIT training! Don’t be fooled by the short time periods! This is also guaranteed to have you burning calories up to 24 hours later!

On the minute, every minute!
This is a fun and varied HIIT workout. A great way to challenge yourself with the target of completing exercises chosen by the trainer as quick as you can within a minute!

We believe that HIIT training is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and burn plenty of calories as it boosts your metabolism, leaving you burning extra calories for a whole day after the class.
Our HIIT class is always varied to ensure that our members enjoy it every time. With a mixture of bodyweight exercises and the use of latest fitness equipment, come without expectations!

STRENGTH Our unique strength classes are based around the use of free weights such as dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells. Our trainers keep up to date with the latest techniques ensuring you get the best from these classes and effectively build strength.

Build a strong core with an intense workout only focusing on and around the abdominal area! We use a range of techniques and exercises to achieve this.

The biggest HIIT branded workout out there! Using exclusive soundtracks and structures to deliver a challenging workout for all fitness levels. Each track is different, with 100s to choose from giving our members a different workout each class so they never know what to expect!

metafit workouts are bodyweight only, with some fun exercises created specifically by the brand delivering the best ways to boost your fitness levels.

metapwr is circuit based with bodyweight exercises and use of equipment such as battle ropes, kettle bells and power bags!

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